Democracy Didn't Stop in 2014...


Our Campaigns

Current Campaigns:

*Covid 19 update* 

With Covid 19 restrictions still in place, campaigning is limited at this time. However, we are actively doing street stalls outdoors and with safe distancing in place.  


We have also purchased a stock of Business for Scotland handbooks at cost price of £4 and we hope our activists will use this time to prepare for when the new Indyref campaign begins, so that we can bring our most positive case for Independence to the women of Edinburgh.  


Please contact us at if you’d like a copy.  Or why not take their fun quiz and find out how much you really know about Scotland's Economy? 

fun 4-minute quiz here


Please check our Facebook page at Edinburgh Women for Independence to find out the very latest on what we have planned for the coming weeks. 


Past Campaigns:

Since we set up EWFI in the Spring/Summer of 2013, as well as being front and centre of the cross-party/no party campaign for an Independent Scotland, we have also campaigned on such diverse issues as: 

  • Equal Rights for Women, 

  • Food Poverty with our ‘Meals over Monarchy’ campaign, 

  • Against the creation of a Scottish Super-prison for Women, 

  • To End Period Poverty, 

  • For Free School Uniforms

  • For Palestinian Rights and the rights of all oppressed women internationally

  • In support of our sisters in Catalunya 


As well as supporting many local charities like Serenity Cafe’s ‘WomenZone’ and the very deserving Christmas Hamper campaign for Low Income families experiencing hardship in Muirhouse. 


We have also raised funds & supplied tonnes of food and sanitary products to local food banks and to women’s hostels in and around Edinburgh. 


Our women believe that we simply can’t just sit around and wait for Independence to begin building and shaping the nation we want to live in. So we do what we can, where we can, and 'work as if we're in the early days of a better nation'. 


There is no doubt that women and children are often disproportionately affected by cuts forced upon us by a Westminster Government whose priorities are not ours, because they are more likely to live on low and/or fixed incomes.  So until we have control of our own resources and priorities, we will continue to help those most in need. 

These are just some of our past campaigns:

  • Only 2% of women are in prison for crimes of serious violence

  • 80% of women sent to  prison are on short sentences of less than 6 months

  • One third of women in prison are on remand awaiting trial, mostly for offences which result in only a short prison sentence and often in  no prison sentence at all.

Read the “Justice Watch” report