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February was our last in person meeting pre Covid.


Our first zoom meeting was on Saturday, 28th May at our usual time (2-4pm). We were obviously trying to regain the day, date and time, even if the room at the Hostel wasn’t possible. 2021 saw 6 zoom meetings and we took our banner out at 5 Ootnaboots across Edinburgh, including the BiS Day of Action on 18th September. And in the spirit of sisterly support, we had goodwill messages from Jeane Freeman, Lesley Riddoch and Ruth Wishart. 

But where there’s EdinWFI, there’s a will and determination. 

Not bad at all, but we were determined to be even better in 2022. 


Now, for 2023, we’re back with an updated website. And we aim to refresh the pages regularly, so do drop in.

Will you join us? Either here or at our meetings? Check out the Meetings section here.

Or how about dropping us a line, telling us about yourself, along with a photo,  Or not if you’re a tad shy. Check that out on Members.

We’d love to see you and hear from you, so join us as we continue to strive for Independence, the change we need to build the Scotland we want.

We zoomed in January, but nothing ventured as they say, and February 19th 2022, it happened! We met in-person, at the usual time in the opened up, public cafe in Edinburgh Central Hostel. It wasn’t back to normal, but the beginning of the new normal. We had 15 members turn up and 6 apologies, a definite sign there was a desire to be back. And let’s face it, the perma-chaos at Westminster showed the need to be back, campaigning, engaging, meeting.


With Covid awareness prevailing, we continued through 2022 mixing and matching: 

we zoomed: we held hybrid meetings: we had two great guest speakers: Ruth Watson and Sara Sheridan; we marched, we were Oootnabot, we held our AGM on the 18th June, we were prominent in the ‘22 BiS Day of Action. We had a member speak on the platform at Holyrood, as part of the pan Scottish rallies organised by Lesley Riddoch to mark the negative Supreme Court Decision and in December we held a Jolabokaflod (oh yes we did! ) inspired by the Icelandic tradition.  In turn that is leading to connections with Iceland’s civic society. 


But perhaps never forgetting women and families across Edinburgh, and our previous successful fundraisers, we raised £400.00 at our Christmas Appeal, 2022 with £200.00 going to each of our chosen charities: North Edinburgh Food Bank and LIFT, Low Income Families Together.

Take a bow Edinwfi! Generous as ever!


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